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    Workflow for POAPRV


      Hi All,


        I want to disable or stop workflow for only one Workflow Type - POAPPRV and will enable after 10 days.

        But the same time, other workflow should happen like..HRSSA, etc... without any issue


        EBS - R12.2.3

        DB -

        OS - RHEL 6.2


      How I can achieve this





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          You could export the current POAPRV workflow to disk then create a new one that only had a begin and end.  Then after 10 days, reload the backed up POAPRV to the system.  Otherwise, put a menu exclusion on the Purchase Order forms to prevent users from creating new ones for the 10 days on the responsibilities where users access the Purchase Order forms.


          Be advised that workflow is versioned, so any in flight workflow will continue with the workflow at the time it was launched until it closes.

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