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    DB-Doc Bug: Summary doesnt stop at fullstop "."


      When generating the DB Doc (only "Package" selected) the summary displays more than the first sentence.


      Tested with 4.2 EA2 and

      Example code (result screenshot in attachments):


      create or replace PACKAGE TEMPLATE AS


        * Project:         Package Template (<a href="http://www.HierKannAuchVerlinktWerden.net">Hier Kann Auch Verlinkt Werden</a>)<br/>

        * Description:<br/>

        *  - The comment text will be treated as <i>HTML</i>. You can use HTML tags, formatting, links etc. If you need a line break in the text, put a <br/> tag.<br/>

        *  - The first sentence of the comment (ending with a dot) becomes the "summary" for the comment, shown in the Summary part of the generated documentation.<br/>

        *  - All tags (if any) must be placed after the main comment text.<br/>

        * The following <b>TAGS</b> are supported: @headcom, @deprecated, @param, @return and @throws <br/>


        * DB impact:       YES<br/>

        * Commit inside:   NO<br/>

        * Rollback inside: NO<br/>

        * @headcom




        /** Removes the partner

        * @param id The id of the partner to remove

        * @throws NO_PARTNER_FOUND If the partner cannot be found


        PROCEDURE remove_partner(id IN VARCHAR2);



        * Record of customer data.

        * More description here...


        * @param id        customer ID

        * @param name        customer name

        * @param regno        registration number or SSN

        * @param language    preferred language


        TYPE customer_type IS RECORD (

          id                        VARCHAR2(20),

          name                      VARCHAR2(100),

          regno                     VARCHAR2(50),

          language                  VARCHAR2(10)