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    REST Data Services in 4.2ea2: script generation and versioning

    Peter de Vaal

      I am using the nice new REST Data Services node in SQL Dev 4.2ea2.

      This is a great enhancement. However, it is not easy to move the developed modules from dev to test etc.

      In order to do release management I need scripts that create or update the REST modules.

      So could a context menu be added to create the script? Currently I capture the statement from the Statement log after creation or modification of a module, template or handler, but it would be much easier if I can create the complete script from the context menu of a module. The scripts can then easily be versioned in GIT or SVN.


      Note: I would like to see the same kind of enhancement for Scheduler jobs. With jobs I have the work around of using the 'Create Like' option, and then navigate to the SQL tab for the statement, but you always have to re-enter the name of the job to get the correct PL/SQL.