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    Cannot load Periodic and YTD data in FCCS using Data Management


      I asked this question in the FCCS community but I hope I'll get responses here.


      I'm trying to load a file into FCCS using data management that contains both Periodic data as well as YTD data. The income statement accounts are periodic values and balance sheet accounts are YTD values


      To do that I:

      • Added the view dimension under my target application to UD6.
      • Indicated in the import format to use the account field in the view i.e. the View dimension is equal to the account field in the imported file. That way I can map the accounts to the correct view dimension
      • in the view dimension mappings, put in explicit mappings for all BS accounts to go to FCCS_YTD_Input and * to FCCS_Periodic


      The problem is that when I look at the export file, it maps all data to FCCS_YTD_Input.


      So, I removed all mappings in the view dimensions to put everything in periodic but it still loads everything to YTD_Input.


      Has anyone else experience this?