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    Oracle EBS Forms Personalization using UTL_HTTP(Rest Web Service)




      I have created a stored procedure that calls a Rest Web Service using the UTL_HTTP PL/SQL package. Since we are potentially receiving large amounts of data, we are using the "chunked" option in the request header and then reading 32767 buffers in a loop, while appending them to a CLOB. Everything works perfectly and very quickly when running this SP in TOAD, calling it in a standalone Java module, calling it within a Concurrent SP job and even calling it in a Form via a doubleclick button trigger within EBS.


      When I call this SP within a Forms Personalization "when-validate-record" trigger, the "UTL_HTTP.READ_TEXT" call completes, but always takes 65 seconds; all of the requested data is fine. I am trying to determine why when calling this SP within personalization do I get this delay. It always takes 65 seconds to complete.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this and can anyone suggest if there is a "timer" in EBS that might be interfering here and what I maybe can look for ?