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    Obiee 12c multiple rpd


      hello guys, i have got a questions here,

      so i installed obiee 12c in linux and my administration tool in windows. and i have my rpd named repotest.rpd this is my default rpd after install obiee 12c:


      [oracle@vm02 domains]$ cd obiee12/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/datamodel/customizations/

      [oracle@vm02 customizations]$ ls default  liverpd.rpd  liverpd.rpd_1


      firstly, i sent repotest.rpd through filezila to my linux server then upload repotest.rpd using command: /obiee/oracle/oracle/middleware/oracle_home/user_project/domains/bi/bitools/bin/data-model-cmd.sh uploadrpd -I repotest.rpd -SI ssi  -U weblogic -P welcome1 upload successfully,


      but when i going to my analysis and create new one, it changed my default rpd and all my sample were gone,


      can obiee make more than one rpd? is obiee so dificult just add more rpd but replace all my samples? its dangerous when i going to implementation and do wrong upload all my existing rpd will gone.


      thanks dude..i attach my picture in this picture,

      i reinstall my obiee so i got back my default sample. but if i upload my rpd again it will replace my default sample.


      kindly help..thanks