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    deploying .net function on another device


      first of all I have oracle 12 c on windows 8.1 pro operating system and let's we call my device ComputerA I hade tried to deploy .net function which name is clrfn by unsing visual C# clr project that it's code is 

      public static int  ClrFN(int x) { return x+100; }

      And after deployment of .net project , this function was added to oracle functions under the same connection settings used in deployment operation and ofcourse that is a normal result of deploy operation As mentioned in this link http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E48297_01/doc/win.121/e18596/demo.htm

      But if I want to move this function to another device called ComputerB which hasn't deployed this function and has oracle edition i applied the following steps 1-copy the dll(COMPLETECLR_DLL) that is found under the path oraclehome/BIN/CLR in Computer A To the same path on ComputerB

      2- add the following syntax in oracle developer

      --creating wrapped function as CREATE FUNCTION CLRFN
      wrapped a000000
      230 abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd abcd 8 150 138 Qe4UPQTJdKIAtj/GTHho81sZFHAwg0zQLdwdf3RAWLs+wkPFXJQdBfSowcfyGm66MdwykNx0 Vcs3FruWWaMOS1Sz/rr5+dvmDt6Ay2WAJ0mxSZ7PbrY+SPfqSsyZ6ySK5rOwIVcWR1p7H3+n GilSE01SSGeFN7OHmttUJJd+p7KRdDQodmDDkSn56Kwn8avE65KcSeWKQIXMjsZk8grZ8PY9 T0RuLxhRYtselroomFJP1/Y6el2Ksf9qHtkFwJJXTEV/VnLBx0PZEhSq71YUqFFsW63KJCJ+ udoPPVqEsXdS/r0uCJOh  /

      3- grant execute on CLRLIBRARY1_DLL To sys --sys is same account that the dll was deployed under in computer A

      But when executing clrfn on computerB I am still getting this error Select clrfn(1) from dual

      01031.00000 in sufficient privileges

      While every thing is ok on Computer A

      Is what I'm doing right meaning can I call a function that is deployed on computerA on another computer (computer B) with out deploying .net project on computerB