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    macOS integration via com.apple.eawt is still broken in 9-ea+158

    jörn huxhorn

      A while ago, I raised an issue over in the bugdatabase:

      Bug ID: JDK-8160437 com.apple.eawt.Application is not exported


      Since I don't have an account there, I couldn't reply to the comments.


      In the meantime, I already yanked the code related to macOS integration from my app because having those special menu items simply isn't justifying the compatibility issues.


      Bugs in some other software:





      --add-export java.desktop/com.apple.eawt=ALL-UNNAMED

      does not work at all.


      1. Java <=8 will fail because it does not know --add-export.
      2. Java 9 will fail - even with the export in place - because the com.apple.eawt classes changed in an incompatible way.


      I definitely need to build my code with Java 8 so I can't really use the replacements offered in java.awt.desktop package, either.


      So I see no other way than removing the code if I want to have an application that runs with both Java 8 and Java 9.


      I understand that Java desktop applications don't have a very high priority and that macOS desktop applications will naturally have an even lower priority.

      This is merely my final try to point this issue out before Java 9 hits the end-users this summer.