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    Tabular Forms / MRU performance in IE


      Apologies if this has been covered before but I seem to be having problems finding results from searches.


      So I've created an application in APEX 5 with a few Tabular Forms scattered throughout it, the problem I have is that when log into the application with IE and go to a screen where there's a Tabular Form with a few rows (e.g. 10 rows) the performance of the page just drops off a clip.

      I've noticed that when I scroll on the page the CPU spikes through the roof and I presume that's leading to the slow performance.


      In Chrome and Firefox I have none of those issues, performance is excellent.


      Any idea how to fix it or what's going on? The issue I have is that given we're an enterprise we have a standard browser....which is IE unfortunately


      Any help much appreciated!!!

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          Marc Sewtz-Oracle

          Hi - I have not heard of performance issues with tabular forms using IE before. Is this just a plain, standard, wizard-generated tabular form? Perhaps you could re-create a tabular form page that has these issues in a workspace on apex.oracle.com and point me to that example, so I can take a close look at what might be causing this?




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            Hi Marc


            Thanks for coming back, I tried to recreate the issue on apex.oracle.com but the issue won't replicate in 5.1, my current version is 5.0.4, is there a version of that available for testing?

            Yeah the issue is with a completely bog standard MRU table, so I get a hundred row table with about 10 columns (although really doesn't need that many rows at all), include all columns for updating and as I scroll through the page the browser slows down to bits.


            It only happens when I scroll over the MRU table, so further down the table there's charts etc, once the MRU's are off the screen everything speeds right up


            Hard to show it without a demo, I'll look into upgrading to 5.1 but that probably won't be for a while

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              Oh and just to confirm I've installed Fiddler to monitor web traffic and when it's going slow there's no traffic going up and down, so it literally just seems to be a rendering issue with the screen in IE, very odd :/