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    Migrating mod_plsql to ORDS - PlsqlAuthenticationMode CustomOwa

    Nilo Segura



      We have a mod_plsql application that relies on the usage of PlsqlAuthenticationMode CustomOwa to control the access. This application has to be moved to the new ORDS and people are having a hard time figuring out how to move.


      They do not see how to migrate that part, because PlsqlAuthenticationMode does not have any meaning in ORDS.


      What they are afraid is that they need to include in all the procedures an authorize function, instead of the traditional OWA_CUSTOM.AUTHORIZE functionality (a function executed by mod_plsql).


      Currently, we are integrating it with our SSO environment and we pass the SSO user via PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList variable (this works), but if this OWA_CUSTOM does not work as before, what would be the equivalent ?


      Any ideas ?