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    Items Tracking Procurement/Purchasing


      Hello All,

      We are on apps R12.1.3. Basic requirement is to track small inventory.


      Could anyone tell me, If this is possible in purchasing/procurement. We know that Inventory module have the ability for this requirement but we don't want to implement that.


      So we want to have small numbers of (Laptops/Servers/IT Products) in our inventory, then procure them internally by tracking items precisely and follow P2P process as usual.

      For this small number of items we don't want really to implement Inventory module.


      Is there a workaround or possibility in purchasing or procurement itself that we can maintain very small kind of inventory.


      Thanks in advance...

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          Sanjay Desai EBS



          Without Inventory Module, it's not possible to track the stock.  You have to develop the custom solution for that


          You can create one database Trigger on MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS table.

          One new record is adding with transaction type in this table for each inventory transaction.

          For Transaction Types, Review the Oracle standard table : MTL_MATERIAL_TRANACTIONS.


          For example,


          Create one custome table : XX_MTL_STOCK



          AFTER INSERT


                FOR EACH ROW


              IF :new.transaction_type_id = 18  /* PO Receipt txn */

          --       logic to Add stock to table xX_MTL_STOCK for that item & inventory org.

              ELSIF  :new.transaction_type_id = 33  /* sales order issue txn */

          --       logic to Less stock from table xX_MTL_STOCK for that item & inventory org.

              END IF;



          One doubt to me is that MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS is not available if you have not installed the inventory module. please check your end.

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