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    Request Completed with Error

    Shareef Khaleel

      Dear All,


      Running this query from every thing (report builder, sql plus, any sql client) get results without any error and every thing is fine; but same query is used to create customized report into EBS R 12.1.2 for Payables module; (Payables Manager==>Request==>Submit new request..etc) Request completed with error status; following error from log:


      REP-0300: ORACLE error occurred.

      REP-0069: Internal error

      REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:

      REP-300: ORACLE error occurred.


      After changing out put to PDF; log started giving reasonable errors;

      I'm using procedures and passing date parameter; after converted this date parameter the report completed normal;


      Thanks in Advance,