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    WF tables huge growth


      Hi All




      OS: Hp Unix Itanium 11.31

      Database: - two node rac

      Apps: R12.1.3


      I observed huge growth in WF tables which mentioned below , due to this we are getting peformance issues in Workflow


      • wf_items
      • wf_item_activity_statuses
      • wf_item_activity_statuses_h
      • wf_item_attribute_values
      • wf_notifications
      • wf_notification_attributes
      • wf_comments


      Here i followed the steps from Note 1587923.1 - How to Close and Purge excessive WFERROR workflows and DEFAULT_EVENT_ERROR notifications from Workflow and reduced the records in wf_notifications but size not released, later i executed "alter table wf_notifications shrink space;"  and size released from 700 mb to 90mb.



      Please suggest for other tables how we can achieve the same result.