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    XML report is ending with Warning. Error Invalid UTF8 encoding.




      We have RDF Report and output is registered as XML.


      Recently we have entered French character data in the Invoice description & Supplier Names.


      When we run the report after entering this data we are getting following error in OPP Log files.


      Caused by: java.io.UTFDataFormatException: Invalid UTF8 encoding.


      But when I run the standard Supplier Statement report which is also showing the Invoice description it is completing Normal.


      RDF XML tag : <DESCRIPTION>Bon 641 frais divers soirée coke fin d année raouf</DESCRIPTION>


      Standard Report tag : <DESCRIPTION>Bon 641 frais divers soir�coke fin d ann�raouf</DESCRIPTION>


      In RDF xml data is coming as we entered which is causing the issue.  In Standard report it is coming as special character/junk character but standard report is working fine.


      How to fix this issue for Custom report.  Is there any way to fix this issue.