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    FDMEE Open Batch Problem


      I have multiple open batches running on a schedule. I have noticed a strange issue that is slowing down the interfaces.

      Whenever one file within a batch finishes loading, the next file takes some time to start the import step. This interval between one file finishing and the next starting keeps getting longer the more batches I run.

      When I restart the FDMEE service, it goes back to normal and the import step starts within a few seconds. I have gone through my event scripts to check if any files remain open, but I have found nothing.


      I opened up the process log file for the load and you can see the delay below:


      2017-03-08 13:39:02,738 INFO  [AIF]: Period Name:DEC2017 (Period Key:12/31/17 12:00 AM)

      2017-03-08 13:39:02,738 INFO  [AIF]: Category Name:DATA (Category key:2)

      2017-03-08 13:39:02,738 INFO  [AIF]: Rule Name:_________________(Rule ID:185)

      2017-03-08 13:39:10,351 INFO  [AIF]: FDM Version:

      2017-03-08 13:39:10,351 INFO  [AIF]: Jython Version: 2.5.1 (Release_2_5_1:6813, Sep 26 2009, 13:47:54)

      [Oracle JRockit(R) (Oracle Corporation)]

      2017-03-08 13:39:10,351 INFO  [AIF]: Java Platform: java1.6.0_37

      2017-03-08 13:39:10,351 INFO  [AIF]: Log File Encoding: UTF-8

      2017-03-08 13:39:41,099 INFO  [AIF]: -------START IMPORT STEP-------


      The Delay is about 30 seconds in this one, but it goes up to almost a minute or a minute and a half sometimes.


      Has anyone experienced this before? What am I missing?