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    PO Document types


      Hi All,

           We are planning to put a custom template for Blanket Purchase agreement and we did all the necessary steps but its not working.

      1. Output format is set to PDF in purchasing option.

      2. Created a custom RTF and created a template definition with Blanket Purchase Agreement Data Source data definition.

      3. Replaced the seeded template with custom template in the Blanket Purchase agreement document type.


      But when i click view document from inquire menu for a Blanket PO, i see the output PDF is a combination of both the seeded XSL and custom RTF template.

      I am not sure i missed any steps here , please let me know.




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          HI Kumar


          The PO PDF versions are saved until a new revision is created, so even if you have changed the template, the PO will show the old way until you specifically regenerate it...So I wonder if you are running into something with that, although it's odd that you are seeing a combination of the two, I've never came across that.  You can either make a revision on the BPO or run PO Output for Communication for that PO and specify Yes for the Regenerate Document parameter.


          It sounds like you probably already have seen these, but in case you haven't, these are 2 good notes I use whenever I have questions with customizing the PO output...

          Master Troubleshooting Guide for POXPOPDF: PO Output for Communication (Doc ID 1375082.1)

          Frequently Asked Questions POXPOPDF: PO Output for Communication (Doc ID 1532387.1)



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            Hi Janel, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay from my end.

            I followed everything in these DOCS but still its not working for me.

            As you said it is strange for me also to see the output is combo of both RTF and XSL.

            I actually uploaded a empty RTF file to the template definition and created a new Blanket Purchase agreement and clicked view document, i am still able to see some data in the output even after uploading empty RTF.


            Any idea on this issue.


            -- Kumar.R