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    Self Service Page Timeout


      Hi All,


      We have a situation from our client that, we should change the existing value of session timeout.

      For this at EBS R12.2 front end by navigating to System Administrator -> Profile -> System . Finding ICX Session Timeout parameter and changing the value as requested. We have done it. But they were expecting not only Forms session timeout but also Self service Pages timeout value should be changed. This is where we are failing to check for the existing value of Self service page session timeout value.


      Could some one please let us know, how to check and change the value for Self Service Page session timeout value..



      Thanks in Advance




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          Increase session_timeout in $CONTEXT_FILE and run autoconfi. Then self service pages will persist longer. You can also edit that parameter in OAM.

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            Gbenga Ajakaye

            session.timeout controls the Self Service timeout.

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              You mean ICX: Session Timeout parameter (at front end) itself will take care of Self Service Time out as well. Is it?



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                You say to change the value of the parameter s_sesstimeout in context file, which will change the timeout value for both forms as well as Self service pages?



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                  Jerome Lane

                  Check the below profile values.
                  - ICX: Limit connect -  (recommended is 2000, default is 1000)

                  - ICX: Limit Time -  (default and recommended is 4 hours)

                  - ICX: Session Timeout - (default is none, recommended is 30 minutes)


                  Also as noted earlier verify the session_timeout oa_var in the CONTEXT_FILE.

                  FYI: Be careful, If you refresh and/or clone the setting for "ICX:Session Timeout" gets reset to that of the one defined in the CONTEXT_FILE.

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                    ICX Limit Time of 4 hours means anyone working will get killed after 4 hours.  Usually this not what people want.  I normally set this to 10 or 12 to allow an entire shift to complete before getting killed.


                    Out of the box, <session_timeout oa_var="s_sesstimeout">1800000</session_timeout> which is 30 minutes in milliseconds and needs to match ICX: Session Timeout.  If you want to 10 hours, set <session_timeout oa_var="s_sesstimeout">36000000</session_timeout> and ICX: Session Timeout 600.

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                      We are good with "ICX: Session Timeout" (which is for forms, in context file the value of parameter "s_sesstimeout" is also same as ICX session timeout) as per my client. They says, for self service page the value is differing from ICX Session Timeout (Not sure where they have noticed this and informed us). Now I would like to know, where we can check the existing value of Self Service Page Session Timeout.


                      PS: The session_timeout and s_sesstimeout values in CONTEXT_FILE , ICX: Session Timeout value (in FE) both are same


                      Thanks in Advance