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    session invalid

    Aymen Kanzari

      Hi all,


      when the app is inactive, how can i fixe the number of minutes after which the session becomes invalid, for example if i'm not surfing the app, after 3 minuts the app automatically does a logout



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          Kavimani Gunasekaran

          Hi Aymen, Follow the below ,


          For Weblogic,


          Option 1:-

          Open web.xml, add the below contents,

          <session-config>         <session-timeout>60</session-timeout></session-config>

          Option 2:-

          open weblogic.xml add the below ,









          note:- Note that the timeout value set in web.xml takes precedence over weblogic.xml


          For Jboss:-

          navigate to



          <session-config>         <session-timeout>60</session-timeout></session-config>

          ~regards, Kavimani Gunasekaran

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            Aymen Kanzari



            I made the following configuration, but it does not work, i want to configure the timeout in 5 minutes












            by default session timeout is 30 minutes, i set it 5 minutes




            to avoid the session expiration errors i used the CheckSessionExpiration servler









            inserting servlet in the pipeline




            insert CheckSessionExpiration into the servlet pipeline



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              Kavimani Gunasekaran

              Hi, Try the below, Goto weblogic console --> selection deployment ---> select your server--> go to configuration. There try adjusting,


              ~regards, Kavimani Gunasekaran

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                RJ Nunes

                Hi Aymen,


                Take a look also in User Session Timeout

                Changing the property singleSessionIdPerUser  to true in GenericSessionManager, then the changes made in web.xml worked.

                But side effect were noticed, so we did not change.


                Hope it helps.

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                  Aymen Kanzari



                  when i change singleSessionIdPerUser to true it works, but it stays in the same page, how can i configure the redirection so that it redirect me to the login page when the session time is over



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                    Kavimani Gunasekaran

                    Aymen, Concept here is Access Control Servlet .

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                      Aymen Kanzari



                      When i change singleSessionIdPerUser to true, in the BCC when i create a new project i can not enter in this project, always it redirect me to the homepage.