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    Java Platform SE binary is not responding (on Win 10 / Minecraft app)


      Hi everyone,

      please be gentle with me as this is my first post and I presently know next to nothing about Java! I am trying to get my son's gaming console, which I just bought him used, to play Minecraft. Here are the facts:

      • Win10 system

      • I have updated Win10 to latest version

      • Installed latest Java plugin (as requested by the software)

      • A similar game called 'Roblox' works fine on the same machine

      • I get the 'Mojang' corporate label window hanging, then when I click it I get the same message each time which is this:

        "Java (tm) Platform SE binary is not responding"


      Now, I know this is just my kid's game but boy would he be happy to get playing it! He seemed to have it working when I first fired up this computer & downloaded it but since an update to Win10 this is happening so I guess it may be a Win10/Java thing?


      Anyone who could help with this will get a big virtual kiss/hug/handshake from me as I am completely stuck!


      Many thanks to all/anyone who reads this and maybe can help...