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    Call a process into a dynamic action




      Working with Apex 5.1, I have a lot of selection fields (radio group, shuttle, etc).


      I have to populate a display only field with all the informations selected in my selection fields, to let the users know where they are in the selections.


      I wanted to create an Apex process, and a dynamic action on each field, to call this process.

      But the dynamic action doesn't recognize the process.


      How to make it work (without modify all my process to create a DB function) please ?


      Best regards.

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          LA County APEX

          You can use a JavaScript to accomplish that. Check my application

          Workspace: ladevapex

          User Name: mydevfellow

          Password: Pa$$word1


          To test the application, follow the steps below:

          • Click Upload New Image button
          • Click Detail button
          • Enter or select the first row objects.
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            Thanks for the answer and the application infos. I took a look and I learnt a lot of things !


            For my issue, I checked your page 7 (detail button) and I didn't understand how it works. I think what I'm doing is very similar to your page 7, but I'm probably missing something.


            Here is a part of my application.



            When the user selects a date or a "New" value I want to update my right part with the selected info



            For the moment, I created a PL/SQL process I duplicated in every concerned field.

            As this is only a demo application with 4/5 fields, this is not a problem. But at the end, I'll have more than 30 distinct selection fields, and I cannot duplicate my PL/SQL process 30 times ^^


            Can you explain me how you would do that please ?


            Best regards.

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              LA County APEX

              All you have to do is to call a JavaScript function to collect value from each item into your display list. Note, this is only to display to the user what being selected. When saving the record, you need to pass the actual value from each item to your process as a parameter.


              The following example is the function on page 7 of my application.

              function shwVal()


                $x('SELVAL').innerHTML = '';

                if ($x('P7_TXT1').value != '')

                      $x('SELVAL').innerHTML = $x('P7_TXT1').value;

                var comm = '';

                if ($x('SELVAL').innerHTML)

                     comm = ',';

                 if ($x('P7_TXT2').value.length == 4)

                      $x('SELVAL').innerHTML = $x('SELVAL').innerHTML + comm + $x('P7_TXT2').value;

                  if ($x('SELVAL').innerHTML)

                     comm = ',';

                  $x('SELVAL').innerHTML = $x('SELVAL').innerHTML + comm + apex.item('P7_SEL').getValue();

                  if ($f_SelectValue('P7_CHKBX') != '')

                      $x('SELVAL').innerHTML = $x('SELVAL').innerHTML + comm + $f_SelectValue('P7_CHKBX');

                  if ($x('SELVAL').innerHTML)

                     comm = ',';

                  if ($f_SelectValue('P7_RADIO') != '')

                      $x('SELVAL').innerHTML = $x('SELVAL').innerHTML + comm + $f_SelectValue('P7_RADIO');


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                Hello !


                I'm not familiar with Javascript and its integration into Apex so I didn't look at the good place.


                With the search function, I was able to find your JS function and how you call it into your items.


                A big thanks !