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    Concurrent Manager Place Hold Of A Pending Request



      Recently, we had faced an issue where the pending / scheduled concurrent request was put on hold by the Concurrent Manager, and to fix the bug we have implemented the patch 19844328:R12.FND.B (as suggested by Oracle),  which was in turn impacting some of the other AOL Objects also.

      And so, as this being an intermittent issue, i'm facing a challenges to check if the patch is actually helping and also the impacted results to other AOL OBJECTS post the patch implementation..

      Requesting for your Inputs on what steps(test cases) can be performed for complete set of testing..??

      Thanks in Advance..

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          It is virtually impossible to look at a patch number and advise what functionality you would have to test to see if it is broken after patching.  There are 84 bug numbers in the readme and every installation is different meaning what versions of the patched code you already have in place.  You can open Oracle Applications Manager in System Administrator and view the patches applied and click on that patch number, then details then files copied to get an idea of which files were replaced.


          Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.14.32 AM.png

          Other than that, here are the notes that discuss this patch.  It appears to be mostly around copy and concurrent request processesing.


          Scheduled Request Goes Inactive/On Hold Status Automatically by Concurrent Manager User (Doc ID 737282.1)

          Concurrent Manager Has Put The Concurrent Request On Hold all of Sudden (Doc ID 2034116.1)

          12.2 Concurrent Submit Request > Copy functionality related issues ; Does Not List Child Requests Failing With FRM-41072 (Doc ID 2040287.1)