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    How to detect when a OBIEE dashboard page has fully loaded


      We want to leverage Selenium and LoadRunner for test automation and performance load testing on OBIEE 11g/12c.


      We have many differing dashboards, most of which contain multiple analyses of different styles and sources.


      We want to know if there is a generic way to tell if an OBIEE dashboard page has fully loaded and all of the analyses contained it in have returned data/completed.


      Ideally we want to identify this every time a request is run in the same session and dashboard - such as when the Apply button on prompts is pressed.


      We have looked into using document.readyState === 'complete' but this requires coding to re-initialise each request.


      We can of course look in the back end at session logs but want to know if there is a browser based element/property we can inspect in the front end.


      Any pointers?