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    Certified by Oracle

    Bipul Jaishwal



      I'm a Java developer in Atos India Ltd, I joined Atos in June 2016 and after 3 months of training

      I placed into Java competencies. After 3 months when we're asked to start work in production

      environment, client(Germney Based) asked to us for OCJP certifications, because only certified

      people can work in production environment,

      So I though I'll pass this exam and will create trust over the client and will also perform better in



      Trust me , Certification matter's a lot because of your knowledge and valuability in the market,

      people will trust on you if you're Java certified. Finally I given the exam and passed successfully,

      I really work hard to get certification complete also done my certification path and received Java

      certified t-shirt and Java certificate hard copy.


      Now I work without any hesitation in company and believe me now no one is there who can defeat

      me for working in Java based environment.


      Thanks to Oracle Inc.


      Bipul Jaishwal