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    Becoming an oracle certified




      I am currently a Project planner working for BP in Angola,

      I an interested to become an oracle certified and need some coaching  to success my choice. I currently use primavera in my daily work.


      hope to read from anyone in the community.

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          I an interested to become an oracle certified


          Become Oracle Certified in what???


          Oracle has MANY technologies to be certified and many certification paths


          1. Associate
          2. Expert
          3. Professional,
          4. Master  (only for DBA paths)


          If you are a PM (Project Manager) then you are making a career change

          and need to decide if you want to be one or more of the following:


          1. Oracle Developer
          2. Oracle DBA
          3. Oracle Specialist in one of the many Oracle Applications
            1. Finance
            2. Retail
            3. Manufacturing
            4. etc....


          Then after you've decided, then start reading the online documentation, read books on the subject, download and install Oracle and start practicing.

          Then in your current job see if you can shadow or get a mentor who already works in Oracle to guide you or give you tips and pointers.

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            Dejan T.

            You can start here, at the official Oracle Certification homepage:

            Oracle Certification | Certification | Oracle


            First you should decide which path you'd like to follow (for example DBA or Developer).


            Kind regards