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    solaris10 physical to solaris 11 zone

    mohamed shahen

      we have to migrate from solaris 10 to solaris 11 , but we have application running on solaris 10


      so the recommendation was to take image from solaris 10 physical machine and restore it in solaris 11 zone


      i took the image using this command


      #flarcreate -S -n s10-system -L cpio /pool/system.flar


      and it completed successfully


      but when i restored it in solaris 11 , i configured a normal zone and in installation step i did this command


      #zoneadm -z solaris10 install -a /pool/system.flar -p


      and i got the following


      "Progress being logged to /var/log/zones/zoneadm.20170316T124208Z.solaris10.install

      Archive format '        Flash Archive' not supported by this brand.  See solaris(5) for supported archive types.

      ERROR: Installation aborted.

      zoneadm: zone 'solaris10': ERROR: installation failed:  zone switching to configured state"


      hint : i did the same installation step in solaris 10 "another machine" and it worked successfully

      so what i am missing in solaris 10 and i have to install ???????

      support please