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    Interactive Grid log change who


      Hi, i will use an interactive grid to edit a table.


      The Table has the Columns (SEQ,CUSTOMER,AMOUNT,CHG_WHO)

      In the interactive grid i have the column Amount & Customer as editable. If an user update a column i need to store the user_id in the chg_who column and i will insert a row into a change history table.

      Is it possible to handle this with interactive grid?





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          When you create an IG it would create a process " - Save interactive Grid"  with type of "Interactive Grid - automatic row processing dml"


          You can change the "Target Type" to "pl/sql code" and should give you a box where you can put in your pl/sql code.


          The code will be run for each of the ins / upd / delete row of IG.


          You can use v('APEX$ROW_STATUS') to know the mode of change = C (create), U (update) and D (delete)


          Best way to learn the IG is install the Sample interactive Grid app. This has very great sample and explanation of the things you can do with IG.