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    how to get data from target application in Jython mapping script




      Task is to select target HFM application value for single account in order to subtract it from source application account value when mapping,

      To do this, I supposed to use Jython mapping script, but the problem is how to get value from target application for the same combination of ICP and Entity but for previous year, when mapping.


      I found all necessary HFM tables that holds data, but this tables belong not to schema, where TDATASEG table is located, but to other database schema. So I'm trying to figure out connection string to this HFM schema.


      I have read SCEN_COMM_LOAD_BALANCES_001.xml in ODI, have read HFM_LOAD.py, one thing that I figured out is how hfmAdapter connects to target database:

      isConnected = hfmAdapter.connect(userName, locale, fmCluster, unicode(fdmContext["TARGETAPPNAME"]))

      So, as I understood, hfmAdapter "knows" how to connect by fmCluster. But I did not find any methods like "getConnection" or "getData" insde hfmAdapter.


      Question: Could it possible to know database connection string for target HFM application inside Jython script (or SQL) in FDMEE

      Or, might be some API exists to get account value from target HFM application?


      Best regards