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    Migrating application from Test to Prod


      I am trying to export an application from test aoex instance and import to production. I exported an application and imported to the production and when I run it everything looks fine expect the fields. Database tables didn't get exported to the production. on those fields it gives me following error:

      failed to parse SQL query:

      ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


      Do I have to manually create tables whenever I export an application and import to any other workspace? Please guide.

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          Yes, if you are migrating between environments you need to any database objects you ar eusing between environments.   You need to also migrate changes you make between environments too.. Example is you have a tabl ein all environments, but in devl you add 2 columns.  You will need to migrate the table changes to beta and prod using an alter table script.


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          Tony Miller

          Los Alamos, NM

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            So I have tables in workspace1 and I want to migrate it to workspace2. I ran the script and it created the table in workspace2. Is there any easy way to migrate data associated within those tables?

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              Mike Kutz

              It depends.


              If it is a small amount of data, you can use SQL*Developer to create the INSERT script.


              If it is for a Brand New Table:  Data Pump comes to mind.


              You could use SQL*Developer to create a CSV of the data and then import the data via External Table with an INSERT-SELECT statement.

              -- or import the data from a CSV into the final table with SQL*Developer -- however, in Production, you would most likely run up against Security policies.

              You could also load the data with an INSERT-SELECT statement across a DB Link.


              No matter which method you choose., make sure all of your scripts (including "initial data" scripts) are in your code repository.