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    How to get EBS User related information




      We are using EBS 12.1.2 with Database


      I am directed to collect user related information to generate one output file that could contain bellow mentioned information regarding EBS user.


      1 - User Status , if ("Active","Inactive","Deleted")

      2 - If Account is locked?

      3 - If Password Needed for login?

      4 - Does password expire

      5 - If user is allowed to change the password?

      6 - If user is forced to change password in next login.

      7 - Last password change date

      8 - Last logon date.

      9 - Last un-successful Logon Attempt.

      10 - how many times are user has logged in.

      11- How many un successful logon attempts happens since last clearing of account.

      12- timezone For this user.


      Actually I need database side technical aspects by using apps Schema which views or tables could I use to collect these information.