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    Which JDK should I point SQL Developer to in order to get propper debugging of stored procedures?

    Lucas Braun-Oracle

      Hi everybody,


      I downloaded the newest SLQ Developer release (release 4.2, 'Other Platforms' as I am running on mint-linux) from here:


      I also loaded the newest JDK (8u121) from here:

      Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads


      When I am prompted by SQL Developer to provide the path of JDK and I enter it, it complains that this is not a valid JDK. Setting the SetSkipJ2SDKCheck true in product.conf, as recommended, works, but when I start the debugger, it crashes with an exception in the Connector code (com.sun.jdi.Bootstrap).


      Linking  against an older JDK (e.g. 8u111, downloaded from Java Archive Downloads - Java SE 8 ), let me debug pure PL/SQL procedures, but I still get problems when trying to debug procedures written in Java:

      - every time, I start a debugging session, I have to provide the local Java source file again

      - local variables cannot be inspected (not even by putting a watch), only static class variables can. Also, break points within the Java code can be set, but get simply ignored. Are these problems with the JDK or bugs in SQL Developer?


      Ultimately, this all boils down to the question:
      Is there a preferred version of JDK that should be used with SLQ Developer 4.2? And if so, which one would it be? Obviously, the newest one (jdk8u121) does not work...


      Any help is greatly appreciated.