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    passing presentation variable - date field error


      Hi All,

      could anyone please provide some suggestion - I have a field in the RPD which is based on the to_date and it is to get the last day of the month




      2). From the Answers it looks like below without any format in the column properties data format



      3). For testing I create the prompt in answers with a presentation variable - and I choose choice list - so the values in it looks like



      4). when I specify the filter using presentation variable - Month Ending is equal to / is in  @{vtest} - This is working when I open the answers but when I look at the results it is giving an error "date value was expected"

      when we look at the results in answers it should not give me an error - right? it should specify the message or custom message like no results etc


      I think I am missing something here - thanks a lot for yur time