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      I'm trying to find out the usage statistics (past 6-12 months) for users from a specific campus (university data)  How can I use the S_NQ_ACCT table? The Analysis Usage Report is broken unfortunately. Attaching screenshots of the S_NQ_ACCT table

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Not really sure what you are asking ...

          You have the table, the structure and you clearly see what's inside.

          So you have all the elements to make your analysis, no?


          3371002 wrote:


          ...for users from a specific campus (university data) ...

          You are the only one knowing how to link a user to a campus, S_NQ_ACCT gives you the user, so take your mapping rules (table, LDAP or whatever it is) and put the data one next to each other.

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