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    [BUG] Sql Deverloper


      I am using sqldeverloper version with java 1.8.0_121 version.


      Once I established a DB connection and minimize the sqldeverloper, mouse is not clickerble untill close the sqldeverloper. Please refer the video more details.



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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          I guess no one else is able to replicate the behavior you are experiencing.  On Windows, I do not see it.  I tried with

          1. Both 4.1.3 and 4.1.5 open simultaneously, plus Chrome and Firefox open

          2. Combinations of these applications maximized, minimized, and less than full screen.


          In the video it is clear the mouse still works on the OS taskbar.  And, of course, you were able to make the video. Strange.


          Have you tried rebooting?