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    FDM Batch load processing


      First, a little to lay out the situation:


      we have:

      2 FDM servers (server7, server8)

      3 FDM applications (app1, app2, app3)


      the FDM Task manager is configured to run on a repeat:

      task a - \\fileshare\app1\data\scripts\webbatchloader.uss

      task b - \\fileshare\app2\data\scripts\webbatchloader.uss

      task c - \\fileshare\app3\data\scripts\webbatchloader.uss


      the webbatchloader.uss are all essentially the same and come pretty much straight from the documentation...


      'Execute a Standard Serial batch

      BATCHENG.mFileCollectionProcess BATCHENG.PcolFiles, CLng(lngProcessLevel), , CBool(blnAutoMapCorrect)



      Each of the tasks are set to run at regular intervals say every 10 minutes to look for new files.


      Now for the question:

      since these task scripts are using the standard batch instead of the parallel batch, is it possible that if task 1 is running and is loading multiple files, it would delay task 2 from running to load files to it's FDM application? Since each task is a different FDM application which is associated, do they still interact serially? Would switching to the parallel batch processing help in this situation or will it only impact files for one FDM application?


      The past few days we have seen that the task for app1 has taken a while to load many files and in the meantime, app2 task will not start. Files will sit in its openbatch folder for much longer than the repeat time for the task (hours). Would splitting up the tasks from all configured on a single server to app1 on server6 and app2 on server7 have any impact on how the batch engine runs the tasks serially or in parallel?