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    PTO Items and Purchase Requisitions




      Please let me know whether we can use items defined as PTO item be used to raise purchase requisitions in iProcurement ( or in core purchasing ) ?


      The scenario is that one of our clients want's the ability to raise requisitions based on pre- packaged bundles e.g : A kitchen bundle. That means this bundle will include a list of sub items under the Kitchen bundle ( e.g - Sinks, bench tops, taps etc ) and then the user should be able to raise a purchase requisition and then get the latest prices from the supplier or raise a PO for the existing prices for these items


      What I'm thinking of is;


      - Create PTO items and link all the sub items

      - Use the PTO item to raise requisitions in iProcurement (that mean there will be multiple lines in the requisitions )

      - And then get quotes for these items for the latest price or raise POs based on the existing prices.

      Will this work ?


      Thanks and Regards,