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    Location Based Security - Folder Access


      Hello All,


      We have just started using Location based security in FDMEE ( and encountered an issue whereby users cannot see the inbox folder structure on the FDMEE server either through the Data Load Workbench or a Data Load Rule.


      The location security groups have been created with the Intermediate 2 access given.  Currently I2 has just 'Data Load Workbench' assigned although we have tried various levels of access for the role however none resolve the issue.

      The user has been given access to the group and when logging in they can see only the location which access has been provided for.  The issue comes when they try to load data through the workbench.


      They select the 'Import' however none of the Inbox/Outbox folders are seen on the server.  We have an automated job which picks up files placed in the folder and then processes them so it's important that the user can place a source file in the folder.


      Any ideas?  We've tried all different levels of access without giving them 'admin' access.


      Many Thanks,