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    Average Metrics


      I would like to create the following metrics in the RPD and would like an idea of how these would be calculated and what formula to use.


      Average # of Sick Days for All Employees

      Average # of sick days for Employee Reported Sick

      Average # of sick days per Employee in Year


      Thanks in advance.

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          Ahmad Al-Baik


          Please to add a new calculated logical column in BMM Layer, then go to column source and choose "Derived from existing column.."

          then write the average state inside it, and it'll work depend on the level you use in Answer,


          Wish you the best,



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            Gianni Ceresa


            In general for these averages you can do it by summing the number of sickness days and divide by the total number of employees etc.


            So you generally use measures with calculations in the "Derived from existing columns using an expression" field as it's a post-aggregation calculation, instead of "Derived from physical mappings" being a pre-aggregation calculation.


            The idea of calculating yourself with a division instead of using the Average aggregation on a measure is because Average doesn't count the missing measures (people not being sick do not have 0 in your tables but just don't have sickness days, so the Average aggregation would return you the average number of sickness days of sick people but not over all the employees).

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              Thanks Gianni. Your suggestion worked out great for me.

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                Gianni Ceresa

                If it worked you can maybe close the thread? For now it's still This question is Not Answered.


                Closing it will help others finding answers to their questions faster.