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    EcentObj.ctrlKey is  not working in firefox browser


      Hi Team,


      I have one requirement in our ADF project , in which we have one table and user can select multiple slots in that table by doing “control + click”  activity .


      Actually I want to select multiple slots in the table by doing  control+click event and want to perform some operation on all selected slots at once .

      It is same as we select multiple folders in our directory by doing control+click event . The only change is that I want to do it in table.


      Here is the screen shot :





      For that I am using below java script code :


      function UnblockOnCtrlPress(evt) {

      var evtobj = window.event ? event : evt;

            if (evtobj.ctrlKey) {

                 alert(‘control key pressed’);


            else {

                 alert("Control Key Not pressed!!!");




      And in my JSFF page i am calling it like :


      <af:clientListener method="blockOnCtrlPress(this)"   type="mouseDown"/>


      This code is working fine in IE and CROME browser but in Mozilla Firefox it is giving issue because Mozilla Firefox browser does not have window event. evtobj.ctrlKey is undefined in Mozial firefiox .

      So is there any other way to do this task in ADF or in java script? Kindly suggest.


      I am using JDeveloper version .


      Thanks in advance.


      Best Regards