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    URLs for Drill Through


      Hi All,

      I have an Issue on FDMEE drill through, I am using UDA for HFM & I added ERP url  In FDMEE .


      Below steps I followed and still showing error like source URL not found.


      There is an Application Option to enable Drill Through, called ‘Drill

      Region’, which is located in the Target Application Settings


      Navigate -> Administer -> Data Management ->Setup -> Target

      Application -> Application Option -> Setup the Drill region to “Yes


      There is also a ‘Drill Region’ setting in the corresponding Data Load Rule

      that must be enabled.


      Navigate -> Administer -> Data Management -> Workflow -> Data

      Load Rule -> Target Options ->Setup the Drill region to “Yes


      I think I am wrong with URL, kindly guide me on this.Here is my ERP url...http://erpdb1.XXX.local:8006/




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