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    JSP not working in AWS Tomcat


      Hi All,

      I've created a Dynamic Web Project in my local machine. and it's working properly. Following are the details :

      IDE : Eclipse for Java EE.

      Server - Tomcat 9.

      The idea is very simple. A JSP page is there which will call a java class; which in turn insert a row in a table (Oracle 11.2). When I'm running the project in my local machine it's working properly and a new row is getting inserted in the table.

      I made a .war file and deployed in aws which is running tomcat server as well. In AWS; the war file is placed in the webapss forder.


      When I access the jsp page via aws url. The page opens up. But, it's not inserting data into the table.


      Plz. suggest what I'm missing here !!!