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    Open Source EBS Projects


      Hi All, I have worked on some projects that are quite generic in nature, meaning they apply to most EBS (11i and R12) environments and use the seeded objects and packages.

      I was hoping to give back and share it with the community and perhaps they can provide inputs and build on it as well.

      I am thinking of starting an Open Source Repository through GitHub.


      My questions would be:

      1. Is it Safe/Legal?
        • I won't be uploading any company-specific code since I will use seeded EBS objects.
      2. Will I get community support?
        • By support, i mean some developers who will also jump in to improve and help run tests and stuff.
      3. Will I get Oracle's Support?
        • By Oracle's support, I was hoping they would incorporate the "refined" projects into the product once they've reviewed it fit for EBS.


      I know we already have the "Ideas" sub-spaces here in Oracle Forums but its somehow like a step further, because we'll actually be working on the idea.




      Thank you!

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          It's a nice idea, however I think the challenge you will face is that nobody is likely to risk deploying third party code into their production ERP system as it would be both unsupported by Oracle and their internal IT team. I think you'd get more acceptance by writing it up as a "how to" then a customer can develop it themselves. If a customer deploys something that you have written and a vulnerability is discovered, the project will become very unpopular, very quickly!

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            makes sense. i was actually hoping that we, as a community, work on those vulnerabilities, but i guess the risks might be too big for it to be deployed. Anyhow, I'll see if i can setup a GitHub Repository, and maybe someone can chime in.