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    Create Rule with regular expression filters




      I'm trying to create a rulebase which has one rule

      the step follows the family example in Oracle Semantic Technologies Overview

      1. create rule base

      2. Insert rule

      3. create entailment


      The first and second steps successfully executed but the third step returned an error

      ora-29532 java call terminated by uncaught java exception java.sql.sqlexception


      I tried some combinations to find the error part


      Finally, I found out if the inserted rule without the filter (set to null) the entailment can be successfully executed

      but if the filter with an  regular expression the insert sql statement can execute but the entailment execution will fail


      I write the filter condition like this

      'FILTER(REGEX(STR(?Name), "^Ali"))'


      What is the valid filter condition with an regular expression?