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    configuring FDMEE to send out email notifications after job completion or failure

    Nishant Fukate

      Hello Experts,


      I have written the AftrConsolidate event script and tried loading data. Data Load seems successful, but I can't see any emails.


      Do we have any sample script for this?


      I have written the below script:

      import com.hyperion.aif.scripting.API as API

      import java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection

      import smtplib

      import string



      strFromAddress = "abc@xyz.com"

      strToAddress = ["aaaaaaaa@xxxxxx.com"]

      strSMTPServer = "smtp.*******.com"

      strMessage="Email Send"


      stat = fdmAPI.getProcessStates(fdmContext["LOADID"])

      if str(stat["IMPSTATUS"]) == "0":



      smtpServer = smtplib.SMTP(strSMTPServer,587)



      smtpServer.sendmail(strFromAddress, strToAddress, strMessage)


      fdmAPI.logInfo("Email Sent successfully")

      except Exception, e:


      fdmAPI.logInfo("Error :email not sent" + str(e))




      Is there any missing?