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    Bringing in tables from Database


      Hello -


      I currently have 7 different tables that host documents and its pertaining demographics in Oracle Database. Problem - I'd like to create a union or some sort to concatenate all 7 tables into one so that I can load this into OBIEE to use to generate charts. Is there a way to combine all 7 into one (they all have the same dimensions)?




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          Gianni Ceresa


          Do you look for a solution in OBIEE or in general in your DB?

          OBIEE can definitely manage your 7 tables and query them all together (defining 7 LTS for your logical table) or you can just "unify" them at the DB level. The simplest way is a view.

          I would avoid an opaque view in OBIEE as that's really hiding logic.

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            I would avoid doing it with a VIEW in the DB but rater importing all 7 and use OBIEE's fragmentation if there is a way of telling to OBIEE which partition of data is within each table.

            The view option will always query all 7 sources while using fragmentation you'll hit only the fragment with the data you need if you specify the fragment partitioning key