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    issue with user_guid


      Hi All,


      is there any possibility that one user 2 records in fnd_user table with same user_guid?


      how user_guid is getting created in fnd_user table?

      please suggest.



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          There is a default index on user_guid which is not unique, so one has to assume yes, it is possible to have duplicates.

          From etrm.oracle.com:


          USER_GUIDRAW(16)used to store the guid defined for this user record's corresponding entry in OID


          which means that unless you are using Identity Manager then you probably won't have any entries.

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            so you mean to say that user_guid is coming from OIM?


            Please suggest and confirm.

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              Sorry, I meant Oracle Internet Directory (OID). I couldn't say for sure, however eTRM suggests so.

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                Yes. I have cleared that column out and it will repopulate upon logging in via osso/oid.  If you log in using the local login jsp, it wont populate.


                We clear that column out when cloning EBS from PROD to non-PROD when the non-PROD uses a different osso/oid, as the guids differ in the non-prod oid.


                In your case, I would delete the user_guid for both users (in a non-PROD of course) and see how it goes from there...