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    Oracle 12.2 on Windows 1703 fails with PRVF-3919

    Stefan Taube

      On a fresh Windows 10 Version 1703 the installation of Oracle 12.2 fails the prerequisite check with something like


      Environment variable: "PATH" - This test checks whether the length of the environment variable "PATH" does not exceed the recommended length.

      PRVF-3919 : Failed to retrieve value of environment variable "PATH"

      - Cause:  Environment variable value could not be determined.

      - Action:  Check user equivalence and whether the user has administrative privileges on the node.


      This even happens when using the local Administrator account.


      Anyone else got this error?

      Any suggestions?


      Edit: What i tried:

      * Reproduced the problem with Hyper-V and Windows 1703 Pro => Its not my local machine that's causing the problem

      * No PATH-Problem with Hyper-V and Windows 1607 Pro => It has something to do with the swap from 1607 to 1703

      * Deleted User-Variable PATH, started cmd.exe as Admin: No success

      * i GUESS that 3919 tells us that the access to PATH is the problem, not the length

      * Hyper-V + Windows 1607 + Oracle 12.102: Success

      * Deactivated Windows Defender: No success

      Did anyone SUCCEED installing Oracle 12.2 on Windows 1703 Pro?