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    Passing FDMEE parameters to Shell script in Jython




      I am writing a custom script which is calling my linux shell script with argument. My shell script will then create a folder with the argument name.

      This is my custom jython script


      varLoc = fdmContext["LOCNAME"]

      os.system('. /home/oracle/Desktop/test.sh %s' % (varLoc))


      The name of folder should be "123_test" but instead it was "None".

      I barely know python and jython but my guess is that that we should pass string variable not nonetype variable.


      Earlier i get this error:

      TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects


      for this script:

      varLoc = fdmContext["LOCNAME"]

      varcommand = '. /home/oracle/Desktop/test.sh ' + varLoc


      My main goal is to pass my location and my period to my shell script.

      Kindly help what should i do.



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