Java Problems Launching EBS Forms


    I have the Vision 12.2 instance and used to be able to access it fine, however I have had to get a new laptop due to my other dying and it's been the start of a Java nightmare. Whenever I launch a form I get the following:


    2017-04-11 12_33_09-Mozilla Firefox.png


    So I've downloaded that, and installed (both as my user and administrator) but when I launch again after closing and re-starting everything I get exactly the same. My java console shows it as installed, and I've tried adding in the parameter as suggested on a blog.


    2017-04-11 12_35_01-Java Runtime Environment Settings.png


    I've also added the sites to my exception site list:


    2017-04-11 12_35_39-Java Control Panel.png


    Yet still the same. Can't get it working in either ie11 (when I click on a form menu entry, nothing happens) or firefox (problem above).


    2017-04-11 12_38_55-Options.png

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