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    Do not see the synonyms tables for SQL SERVER DB


      Hi Experts,

      After I create the synonyms for different data source(DB Name) in SQL SERVER, and I can see the related synonyms tables in SQL SERVER, but do not see them when I import data by RPD for using the same user. Is it ok for Oracle, not SQL SERVER DB, What happen? The synonyms is not for SQL SERVER DB? Or what I missing some steps?


      – Generates Synonyms:

      use [ecp_ods]
      select 'create synonym ' + name + ' for [ecp_ods].[dbo].[' + name + '];'
      from sys.objects where type_desc='user_table' order by name;

      – Then create synonyms:
      use [ecp_lcl];
      create synonym acpt_typ for [ecp_ods].[dbo].[acpt_typ];