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    WMSLABEL.fmx failed to compile in 12.2.0 after install NLS (ZHS/ZHT)


      Dear All,


      after installed Vision 12.2.0, with OUL6x64 and 12c database. it was fine, applied 2 NLS (ZHS/ZHT) the patches were installed successfully but in the log file

      i found the form WMSLABEL.fmx could not be compiled int ZHS/ZHT, it was fine in US.

      Here is the error.

      FRM-30064: Unable to parse statement select upet.type_name EPC_type_name, upec.name category_name, upet.type_id, upec.category_id

      from mgd_idencoding_category upec,

           mgd_idencoding_type upet

      where upec.category_id = upet.category_id

      and ((NVl(upet.partition_value,0)= 0 and upet.category_id = 1 ) or upet.category_id <> 1)

      order by upec.category_id,type_name.

      ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

      Record Group EPC_RULE_RG

      Form: WMSLABEL


      FRM-30085: Unable to adjust form for output.


      Found a thread with exact error in this forum by applying this Patch   17768026:R12.WMS.B

      The problem i have: the patch # 17768026:R12.WMS.B is for 12.1 and

      my system is 12.2.0


      Unable To Create Label With Label Sets Because Of Label Set Creation Issue (Doc ID 1677886.1)

      Can someone Please help?